Monique Chang



Unconventional Job Titles: Have They Gone Too Far?

A job title can be important and necessary to both company and employee, but it seems to that in recent years many companies have gone too far. Some titles are overblown, nonsensical, too clever for their own good, or just plain silly. At Subway, the people behind the counter are sandwich artists (it’s even a [...]


A case for ditching team bonding days?

Every year companies spend time and money organising off-site team building days to boost morale and team spirit, but according to engagement experts, by the time team building days come around it may be far too late to rally the troops. HR managers need to rethink the team building days approach and focus on consistent, [...]


HR warned not to mistreat the unsuccessfuls; it may come back to bite you

When a candidate is unsuccessful, an all too common practice is for HR to discard them without a second thought. And with good reason. Narrowing the candidate pool is a unenviable task and sheer time constraints preclude many in HR from going the extra step in personalising the notification. Yet as many candidates share their [...]


5 Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s Facebook Reach

When recruiting,  social media is a great way to take your employer brand and implement it consistently and regularly to build followers. Believe it or not, you can expand your Facebook reach now, in a few simple steps. According to a 2011 comScore report, brands that post an average of five to seven times per [...]


Niche Networks Might Be Worth Your Time… If They Have These Three Things

Last week, Bernard Hodes Group’s Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy Jim Stround closed out the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Chicago with a discussion on recruiting via niche networks. He talked about the number of niche social networks out there (too many to count), research on where and how many resumes can be found online and [...]