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How Recruiters Should NOT Run LinkedIn Groups

I was invited to join a LinkedIn group the other day. Well actually I probably get invited to join a LinkedIn group every day but this one stood out. I am not going to name the group or the recruitment company that started it, I’ll simply mention what lessons we can all learn here. In [...]


A Job Site With a Difference – We Pay the Jobseeker When Their CV is Downloaded

Getting quality candidates into the right social media marketing jobs is the key role of any recruitment agency. In a way you have to look at the candidate as your product. Because your reputation, as a job board or a candidate supplier, rests on the quality of the applications sent out by those candidates and [...]


Some Hiring Managers Rate the Attractiveness of Your Spouse…

As a candidate, you know that people considering you for employment judge you on everything, right? Clothes.  Your Car.  How you talk.  Whether your spouse is smoking hot. Hold up, what was that last one? Your spouse – he or she needs to be smoking hot – you didn’t get the memo? I made it [...]


Crowdsourcing for Recruiting

Ah, crowdsourcing. What exactly is it? A nice simple description is this one: a company posts a problem online (looking for candidate who possesses X skills), a vast number of individuals offer their opinions and ideas as to how to solve it (I know someone who fits the bill!), the winning idea is rewarded in [...]


Top Legal Issues for HR Pros to Watch

From labor lawyers Richard Brann and Patrick Stanron, speakers at the recent LEAP conference is Las Vegas, comes a list of the biggest legal threats HR should look out for during the remainder of the year: 1. The biggest HR threat of the year is that of retaliation. For employees who find it difficult to win higher-caliber [...]

Interviewing Candidates

What CEOs Expect From An Interview Candidate

Having written about what CEOs look for in the resumes of job applicants last week, I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d bring you along for the first interview. First interviews are tricky because like a resume, there’s no way of knowing exactly what the prospective employer is expecting to hear you say and whether the [...]

Pinterest Recruitment

A guide to recruiting (and retaining!) Gen Y & Z

It’s the age of social media, and with employers everywhere jumping on the technology bandwagon it important to recognise who they’re actually targeting instead of just following the trends. More often than not, employers are trying to recruit fresh talent from the more tech-savvy Y & Z generations. And with Gen Z predicted to make [...]


Super increase a hard pill for Gen Y to swallow

Superannuation – it’s changing.  Following the passing of the controversial mining tax, the government’s plans to use part of the tax to fund an increase to the super guarantee from nine to 12 per cent by 2019/20 are gaining momentum. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has slammed the super increase, saying the super [...]


What to consider before hiring from abroad

Hiring employees from other countries can provide businesses with the opportunity to find motivated and skilled workers, especially in the case of national work force shortages in specific industry sectors. It can also contribute to increasing corporate innovation and competitiveness. However, finding workers from another country can be a daunting task if you have not [...]


Mining Canada For Skilled Workers

Depending on which industry you work in, “skills shortage” is possibly the status-quo condition in which you recruit. Australia’s mining industry is one of the most challenged in this regard, and with BHP Billiton predicting the industry will need to recruit an additional 150,000 workers by 2015, only a shortage of skilled workers can foreseeably [...]