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How to make the most out of video interviews

In today’s global workplace, more and more employers are looking for candidates interstate and outside the country, using tools such as Skype, Live Messenger and video interviewing to reach the right person, rather than the person who is “right there”. Video interviewing is the perfect recruitment tool if your organisation is: Located in a remote [...]


What are Assessment Centres?

Assessment Centres are an important part of the recruitment process for many employers, and allow companies to assess a large amount of candidates over an extended period of time, whilst offering candidates the chance to find out about an employer in greater detail. Rachel Palmer, who heads the Interviewing and Shortlisting Division of Employment Office [...]


Are you employing criminals?

The age old piece of advice to run criminal background checks on employees is as prevalent as ever in light of the current Queensland Health debacle. After a particular employee managed to defraud the State Government of $16 million it seems almost comical that this person, who had a history of fraud related offences in [...]


Video Killed The Resume Star?

Shooting an online video used to be the exploit of Gen Y extroverts applying for Big Brother.  But fuelled by an ever-competitive labour market, some employers are now asking their candidates to compile their own YouTube videos as part of their application. Employment Office Managing Director Tudor Marsden-Huggins says an increasing number of organisations are [...]


[Guide] Social Networking in Recruitment

Collaboration and relationship-building through internal or external web-based systems. At Employment Office, we believe social networking in the corporate sense can be broken into two key areas: Internal social networking (e.g. JAWshare); and External social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Whether internal or external, social networking is all about improving communication: connecting, sharing information and [...]


How Does A Behavioural Profile Help Manage Employees?

McQuaig Behavioural Style Profiling The McQuaig method is a style of behavioural profiling designed to help find and keep the best employees for your company. Using web-based behavioural assessments, the McQuaig method tests employees on a variety of skills. It involves a three step system that locates the best and the brightest, and it can [...]


Headhunting: How to Stop Your Best Staff Being Poached

As the talent war heats up, a new survey has confirmed that more and more employers are finding their employees “poached”, or stolen by the competition.  Over one in every two employers report that other companies are actively headhunting their top talent, according to a new survey from Right Management. The survey discovered that 56% [...]


Social Media in Recruitment

From online job boards, to print advertisements, to word of mouth referrals – there are many ways to attract and identify potential candidates. However, as more and more organisations are finding out – social media can play a pivotal part. Take Big 4 professional services firm Deloitte’s for example – the Australian School of Business [...]


Recruitment marketing successes of 2011

As we head to the end of the year, Employment Office have decided to take a quick look at some of the highlights and recruitment marketing successes of 2011. Human Capital magazine’s 2011 study of more than 600 Australian owners and decision makers of small to medium businesses found that almost 4 in 10 businesses believe [...]