Saxon Marsden-Huggins



Are There Any Reasons to Ask the Easy Questions?

Interviews shouldn’t be easy for the applicant. They should be nice and cordial (you’re trying to make sure that the individual wants to work for your company by the end of the interview as well), and they should treat the applicant with respect, but they shouldn’t be easy. You want to make sure you have [...]


How to Use Internet Tools to Spot Fake Resumes

The Internet is a great resource. It’s one of the main ways that your company markets itself to applicants, and one of the reasons that you’re able to broaden your search to find potential new hires from not only Australia, but all over the world. Yet this same resource can cause these same employers headaches. [...]


Benefits of Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Social media has a lot of potential uses for your company. You can use it as a tool for delivering customer service, or as a method of sharing deals and news about your business. You can also use it for recruiting. Social media recruiting has quickly changed the way that companies find new employees, taking [...]


How to Use Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter may be an overhyped pseudo-chatroom, but it does have some amazing uses. Twitter allows you to get real time news results instantly, follow those you look up to, get updates on the latest changes in technology, and it can help you with the recruitment process. Using Twitter for recruitment can be time consuming in [...]


What Your Recruiter Absolutely Needs to Know

You’ve done the research, you’ve considered the competition, and you may have even signed with a recruitment firm you are confident in. Now what? Isn’t it time to simply sit back and wait for the resumes to start pouring in? Don’t check this to do off your list; throughout the recruitment process, you must maintain [...]


10 Hiring Tips for Employers

Hiring a new employee is not an everyday activity, but it should be a process that is consistent. As an employer, keep the following hiring tips in mind when you set out to recruit. Job Analysis. To hire the right person, you must ensure you have the right job description. Job analysis is an important [...]


Should You Keyword Search CV Databases for Great Candidates?

Because of the extensive pool of applicants that most companies have for open positions, many businesses have looked for ways to streamline the process. One of the most common methods involves placing all CVs into databases and screening CVs based on various keywords, much like a Google search. It’s a unique approach to reviewing CVs [...]

Three Problems with Using Job Boards for Your Recruitment

Every time you lose an employee, it costs you an estimated two to three times their salary in lost production. Much of the cost of filling vacancies is from lost production, because when you lose an employee you have no one to take on that person’s tasks. That is why companies are always in a [...]