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Make it go away.

Digital ads & popups – when will they come to life and conquer the world?

Thanks to the internet, advertisers have never had more platforms to reach their potentials clients than now. However, consumers generally agree that being confronted with covert online advertisements where you don’t expect them is one of the modern world’s most tedious phenomenons. Not only is it annoying, but increasingly, hidden ads and links contain security [...]

Crowds surge to buy the latest in felt pens and no-brand socks.

Big Guns: Retail Recruitment & Retention

Ever wondered about the advantages and troubles that giant global retailers such as Target have with attracting and retaining staff? Frankly, you may be left wondering after reading this examination of Target’s HR practices in The Australian from May 26. Overall it’s a bit of a fluff piece, giving new Target boss Dene Rogers the [...]

Twitter is a real step up in Police Communication, since the days cops just talked into their fist.

Twitter’s a choice recruiter, bro

New Zealand’s Police have turned to Twitter as a recruitment marketing tool, and it’s getting noticed. Using a Behind The Scenes approach to everyday policing, a few cops around the country regularly livetweet about their on-the-beat shifts, giving the public a glimpse into the day-to-day side of the job, with the intention of widening awareness [...]

Clone-A-Tradie went out of business shortly after, as it became apparent someone had forgotten to tick the "Includes Neck" box.

Everyone agrees: Diversity is good.

With many industries in Australia experiencing a longterm skills shortage, diversity in your recruitment (age, gender, cultural background, experience level) is an increasingly important aspect. Yet beyond the legal requirements of Equal Employment Opportunities, it can be a tricky step to get into the practical steps to ensure your organisation is staffed by people with [...]

I'll keep scanning, but there's no mention of the whereabouts of Curly's Gold so far...

Recruitment Marketing In History: 1974 – US Army & Marines

“Recruitment marketing” and “Recruitment advertising” are terms that we think about in a very post-social-media online-heavy context today. But the need for employers to advertise or market their jobs is far from a new phenomenon. To put our current approaches in perspective, today we’re starting a regular look back into Recruitment Marketing through history. Maybe [...]

Desperate commuter realises: "If I just lived and worked on the train, I could really cut down on my travel time in the morning..."

Communicate on the commute

UK job board Jobsite started an innovative marketing campaign yesterday to commuters, advertising on over 3 million train tickets. According to, the novel approach featuring advertising on the back of commuter tickets will reach: an equal male/female audience split; 77% of commuters will be in the ABC1 demographic; 67% are working full time and [...]

That cringe you're feeling is cultural, and entirely normal.

Recruitment Branding: Australia’s education sector

Recruitment branding is an issue each organisation needs to examine, but taking it to a grander scale, how would you brand an entire sector of Australia’s economy in China? International education is a major sector for Australia’s export income, generating more than $18 billion in 2010, though after years of growth, this figure has stagnated [...]

Read these Tips, then start contacting engravers and clearing the mantelpiece.

[Guide] Top 10 Tips: Writing a Job Ad #5 – #1

Yesterday we started a countdown of the Top 10 Tips to remember when you’re writing the copy for a job ad. Today we follow the traditional countdown format in bringing you the remainder of that list. So here follows the Top 5 ways to avoid the post-publishing regrets, and to get the best result for [...]

NO ACANC? I thought there was going to be ACANC!

The Health & Community employment gap

Health and community care roles set to soar – but can we fill the gap? It would appear the face of the usually under-funded and tightly resourced healthcare, community and social sector is changing. The Federal Government recently announced plans to increase the salaries of community and social workers by an average $12,000 per year, [...]

Start stockpiling ticker tape for your own parade. That's how Top these Tips are.

[Guide] Top 10 Tips: Writing a Job Ad #10 – #6

We all know how challenging it can be to properly advertise a job. There are any number of obstacles that can turn what should a simple task into a minefield (selecting your media, negotiating start dates, interfering managers), and by the time you get the ad out there, it can often tell readers more about [...]