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Super increase a hard pill for Gen Y to swallow

Superannuation – it’s changing.  Following the passing of the controversial mining tax, the government’s plans to use part of the tax to fund an increase to the super guarantee from nine to 12 per cent by 2019/20 are gaining momentum. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has slammed the super increase, saying the super [...]


How to make the most out of video interviews

In today’s global workplace, more and more employers are looking for candidates interstate and outside the country, using tools such as Skype, Live Messenger and video interviewing to reach the right person, rather than the person who is “right there”. Video interviewing is the perfect recruitment tool if your organisation is: Located in a remote [...]

Clone-A-Tradie went out of business shortly after, as it became apparent someone had forgotten to tick the "Includes Neck" box.

Everyone agrees: Diversity is good.

With many industries in Australia experiencing a longterm skills shortage, diversity in your recruitment (age, gender, cultural background, experience level) is an increasingly important aspect. Yet beyond the legal requirements of Equal Employment Opportunities, it can be a tricky step to get into the practical steps to ensure your organisation is staffed by people with [...]

Outrageous! Keep it in your pants, Four Eyes!

Ain’t love grand…just not in the workplace

It’s estimated that over a quarter of employees meet their long-term partner at work.  But even though sparks may be flying at the water-cooler, or lingering glances exchanged in the photocopy queue, a poll has revealed the vast majority of colleagues aren’t happy with an office love match taking place under their nose. With Valentine’s [...]


What are Assessment Centres?

Assessment Centres are an important part of the recruitment process for many employers, and allow companies to assess a large amount of candidates over an extended period of time, whilst offering candidates the chance to find out about an employer in greater detail. Rachel Palmer, who heads the Interviewing and Shortlisting Division of Employment Office [...]


Are you employing criminals?

The age old piece of advice to run criminal background checks on employees is as prevalent as ever in light of the current Queensland Health debacle. After a particular employee managed to defraud the State Government of $16 million it seems almost comical that this person, who had a history of fraud related offences in [...]


What Your Recruiter Absolutely Needs to Know

You’ve done the research, you’ve considered the competition, and you may have even signed with a recruitment firm you are confident in. Now what? Isn’t it time to simply sit back and wait for the resumes to start pouring in? Don’t check this to do off your list; throughout the recruitment process, you must maintain [...]


10 Hiring Tips for Employers

Hiring a new employee is not an everyday activity, but it should be a process that is consistent. As an employer, keep the following hiring tips in mind when you set out to recruit. Job Analysis. To hire the right person, you must ensure you have the right job description. Job analysis is an important [...]


Should You Keyword Search CV Databases for Great Candidates?

Because of the extensive pool of applicants that most companies have for open positions, many businesses have looked for ways to streamline the process. One of the most common methods involves placing all CVs into databases and screening CVs based on various keywords, much like a Google search. It’s a unique approach to reviewing CVs [...]

Three Problems with Using Job Boards for Your Recruitment

Every time you lose an employee, it costs you an estimated two to three times their salary in lost production. Much of the cost of filling vacancies is from lost production, because when you lose an employee you have no one to take on that person’s tasks. That is why companies are always in a [...]