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Experience vs. Enthusiasm – Key Benefits of Graduate Recruitment

With the recent wave of new graduates entering the professional workforce for the first time, I’m sure that your current talent pools have been a bit thinner on experience than you would probably like to see. It’s easy to ignore these graduate applications, especially if your current vacancies aren’t junior level positions but, while a [...]


New Year, New Career – Why you missed them

The Christmas and New Year holiday period is fast approaching and most Recruitment or Human Resources teams around Australia are currently looking forward taking a break from writing vacancy advertisements, poring over resumes, conducting interviews and phoning referees.  It’s an understandable sentiment – these duties can be time consuming and often fruitless, leaving you right [...]


Are There Any Reasons to Ask the Easy Questions?

Interviews shouldn’t be easy for the applicant. They should be nice and cordial (you’re trying to make sure that the individual wants to work for your company by the end of the interview as well), and they should treat the applicant with respect, but they shouldn’t be easy. You want to make sure you have [...]


How to Use Internet Tools to Spot Fake Resumes

The Internet is a great resource. It’s one of the main ways that your company markets itself to applicants, and one of the reasons that you’re able to broaden your search to find potential new hires from not only Australia, but all over the world. Yet this same resource can cause these same employers headaches. [...]


8 Ways to Optimize Your Company Careers Site

Research tells us that employee referrals (underpinned somewhat by social networks) followed by job boards are the two most popular sources of hire by some distance, according to theCareerXRoads Survey – and, quite rightly, I have devoted a lot of my editorial time to talking about how recruiters can make best use of these two channels. [...]

Linkedin Recruitment

LinkedIn gives head hunters easy access to your talent pool

LinkedIn has become a phenomenon for professional networking, with over 100 million users worldwide and over 2 million users in Australia alone.  Used as a key business resource for not only strengthening relationships, but also for recruitment, it’s no surprise that staff are also attracted by the opportunity to build their career profile and open [...]


Why I Like People with Unconventional Resumés

Professional success used to depend on experience, knowledge, and skill. But things have changed in recent decades. First, knowledge has become as rapidly obsolete as universally available. Second, we live in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world where, I often say, even the past has become unpredictable. And, finally, business has become more global and [...]


Unconventional Job Titles: Have They Gone Too Far?

A job title can be important and necessary to both company and employee, but it seems to that in recent years many companies have gone too far. Some titles are overblown, nonsensical, too clever for their own good, or just plain silly. At Subway, the people behind the counter are sandwich artists (it’s even a [...]


Getting ahead with LinkedIn head-hunting

With over 135 million users worldwide, and just over 2 million of those users based in Australia, it’s hard to deny that LinkedIn is making its mark in the social media landscape. In fact, more than one professional per second signs up to LinkedIn. But are companies using LinkedIn to its full advantage? How can [...]



Crowdsourcing: it’s a buzzword in business at the moment, and it’s specifically spreading within the recruitment industry. It’s a term for when you outsource a task, project or problem, but instead of taking it to a specialised contractor, you put it out to the general crowd. Members of the public from a vast range of [...]