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A case for ditching team bonding days?

Every year companies spend time and money organising off-site team building days to boost morale and team spirit, but according to engagement experts, by the time team building days come around it may be far too late to rally the troops. HR managers need to rethink the team building days approach and focus on consistent, [...]


How Recruiters Should NOT Run LinkedIn Groups

I was invited to join a LinkedIn group the other day. Well actually I probably get invited to join a LinkedIn group every day but this one stood out. I am not going to name the group or the recruitment company that started it, I’ll simply mention what lessons we can all learn here. In [...]


A Job Site With a Difference – We Pay the Jobseeker When Their CV is Downloaded

Getting quality candidates into the right social media marketing jobs is the key role of any recruitment agency. In a way you have to look at the candidate as your product. Because your reputation, as a job board or a candidate supplier, rests on the quality of the applications sent out by those candidates and [...]


HR warned not to mistreat the unsuccessfuls; it may come back to bite you

When a candidate is unsuccessful, an all too common practice is for HR to discard them without a second thought. And with good reason. Narrowing the candidate pool is a unenviable task and sheer time constraints preclude many in HR from going the extra step in personalising the notification. Yet as many candidates share their [...]


Crowdsourcing for Recruiting

Ah, crowdsourcing. What exactly is it? A nice simple description is this one: a company posts a problem online (looking for candidate who possesses X skills), a vast number of individuals offer their opinions and ideas as to how to solve it (I know someone who fits the bill!), the winning idea is rewarded in [...]


5 Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s Facebook Reach

When recruiting,  social media is a great way to take your employer brand and implement it consistently and regularly to build followers. Believe it or not, you can expand your Facebook reach now, in a few simple steps. According to a 2011 comScore report, brands that post an average of five to seven times per [...]

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Your Customers: A Near-perfect Recruiting Target

They are the perfect recruiting target because these prospects are currently employed (i.e. passives); they are diverse; it costs almost nothing to get a recruiting message in front of them and best of all; and they already know and like your company and its products. These perfect candidates are your customers. Even though customers are [...]


Niche Networks Might Be Worth Your Time… If They Have These Three Things

Last week, Bernard Hodes Group’s Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy Jim Stround closed out the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Chicago with a discussion on recruiting via niche networks. He talked about the number of niche social networks out there (too many to count), research on where and how many resumes can be found online and [...]

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117 Funniest Creative Job and Recruitment Ads

Many employers when advertising their roles end up falling into the trap of regurgitating their PD into a shortened (and much less informative, though equally as dry) job ad that does little to attract a prospective employee let alone market their company. It’s important to remember that if you’re spending all this money on recruitment [...]

Interviewing Candidates

What CEOs Expect From An Interview Candidate

Having written about what CEOs look for in the resumes of job applicants last week, I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d bring you along for the first interview. First interviews are tricky because like a resume, there’s no way of knowing exactly what the prospective employer is expecting to hear you say and whether the [...]