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Adwords Guide Recruitment

Case Study: Google Adwords campaigns for Recruitment

You might have heard of Google Adwords, but perhaps you’re not familiar with how it works and how it can impact on your brand. If this is you, we’ve put together the following case study on how Employment Office effectively uses Google Adwords to improve the results of our clients’ recruitment campaigns and strengthen their [...]


New Year, New Career – Why you missed them

The Christmas and New Year holiday period is fast approaching and most Recruitment or Human Resources teams around Australia are currently looking forward taking a break from writing vacancy advertisements, poring over resumes, conducting interviews and phoning referees.  It’s an understandable sentiment – these duties can be time consuming and often fruitless, leaving you right [...]

Make it go away.

Digital ads & popups – when will they come to life and conquer the world?

Thanks to the internet, advertisers have never had more platforms to reach their potentials clients than now. However, consumers generally agree that being confronted with covert online advertisements where you don’t expect them is one of the modern world’s most tedious phenomenons. Not only is it annoying, but increasingly, hidden ads and links contain security [...]

Twitter Recruitment Video

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Producing Your Recruitment Video

Did you know that over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day? It is not surprising then that more and more organisations, both large and small are trying their hand at film production in order to reach out to a large pool of candidates, thirsty for video content. Although not [...]


9 Ways to Measure Your Brand’s Social Media Health

Thanks to the variety of social media marketing tools available today, there is a nearly endless stream of data available to marketers. That could make it tough to determine what metrics actually matter for your campaign or brand and why. Here are nine key performance indicators and explanations for why they might matter to your [...]


Crowdsourcing for Recruiting

Ah, crowdsourcing. What exactly is it? A nice simple description is this one: a company posts a problem online (looking for candidate who possesses X skills), a vast number of individuals offer their opinions and ideas as to how to solve it (I know someone who fits the bill!), the winning idea is rewarded in [...]

Crowds surge to buy the latest in felt pens and no-brand socks.

Big Guns: Retail Recruitment & Retention

Ever wondered about the advantages and troubles that giant global retailers such as Target have with attracting and retaining staff? Frankly, you may be left wondering after reading this examination of Target’s HR practices in The Australian from May 26. Overall it’s a bit of a fluff piece, giving new Target boss Dene Rogers the [...]

Pinterest Recruitment

A guide to recruiting (and retaining!) Gen Y & Z

It’s the age of social media, and with employers everywhere jumping on the technology bandwagon it important to recognise who they’re actually targeting instead of just following the trends. More often than not, employers are trying to recruit fresh talent from the more tech-savvy Y & Z generations. And with Gen Z predicted to make [...]

I'll keep scanning, but there's no mention of the whereabouts of Curly's Gold so far...

Recruitment Marketing In History: 1974 – US Army & Marines

“Recruitment marketing” and “Recruitment advertising” are terms that we think about in a very post-social-media online-heavy context today. But the need for employers to advertise or market their jobs is far from a new phenomenon. To put our current approaches in perspective, today we’re starting a regular look back into Recruitment Marketing through history. Maybe [...]

Desperate commuter realises: "If I just lived and worked on the train, I could really cut down on my travel time in the morning..."

Communicate on the commute

UK job board Jobsite started an innovative marketing campaign yesterday to commuters, advertising on over 3 million train tickets. According to, the novel approach featuring advertising on the back of commuter tickets will reach: an equal male/female audience split; 77% of commuters will be in the ABC1 demographic; 67% are working full time and [...]