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7 Ways To Keep High-Potential Gen Y’ers At Your Company

The average American worker today stays at his or her job a mere 4.4 years, according to a recent Forbes article, while Gen Y’ers (those born between 1977 and 1997) are leaving in a fraction of that time—91 percent expect to stay in a job fewer than three years. As new data reveals that a lack [...]

Crowds surge to buy the latest in felt pens and no-brand socks.

Big Guns: Retail Recruitment & Retention

Ever wondered about the advantages and troubles that giant global retailers such as Target have with attracting and retaining staff? Frankly, you may be left wondering after reading this examination of Target’s HR practices in The Australian from May 26. Overall it’s a bit of a fluff piece, giving new Target boss Dene Rogers the [...]


Super increase a hard pill for Gen Y to swallow

Superannuation – it’s changing.  Following the passing of the controversial mining tax, the government’s plans to use part of the tax to fund an increase to the super guarantee from nine to 12 per cent by 2019/20 are gaining momentum. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has slammed the super increase, saying the super [...]


Headhunting: How to Stop Your Best Staff Being Poached

As the talent war heats up, a new survey has confirmed that more and more employers are finding their employees “poached”, or stolen by the competition.  Over one in every two employers report that other companies are actively headhunting their top talent, according to a new survey from Right Management. The survey discovered that 56% [...]