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Linkedin Recruitment

LinkedIn gives head hunters easy access to your talent pool

LinkedIn has become a phenomenon for professional networking, with over 100 million users worldwide and over 2 million users in Australia alone.  Used as a key business resource for not only strengthening relationships, but also for recruitment, it’s no surprise that staff are also attracted by the opportunity to build their career profile and open [...]


Getting ahead with LinkedIn head-hunting

With over 135 million users worldwide, and just over 2 million of those users based in Australia, it’s hard to deny that LinkedIn is making its mark in the social media landscape. In fact, more than one professional per second signs up to LinkedIn. But are companies using LinkedIn to its full advantage? How can [...]



Crowdsourcing: it’s a buzzword in business at the moment, and it’s specifically spreading within the recruitment industry. It’s a term for when you outsource a task, project or problem, but instead of taking it to a specialised contractor, you put it out to the general crowd. Members of the public from a vast range of [...]


How Recruiters Should NOT Run LinkedIn Groups

I was invited to join a LinkedIn group the other day. Well actually I probably get invited to join a LinkedIn group every day but this one stood out. I am not going to name the group or the recruitment company that started it, I’ll simply mention what lessons we can all learn here. In [...]


9 Ways to Measure Your Brand’s Social Media Health

Thanks to the variety of social media marketing tools available today, there is a nearly endless stream of data available to marketers. That could make it tough to determine what metrics actually matter for your campaign or brand and why. Here are nine key performance indicators and explanations for why they might matter to your [...]

Twitter is a real step up in Police Communication, since the days cops just talked into their fist.

Twitter’s a choice recruiter, bro

New Zealand’s Police have turned to Twitter as a recruitment marketing tool, and it’s getting noticed. Using a Behind The Scenes approach to everyday policing, a few cops around the country regularly livetweet about their on-the-beat shifts, giving the public a glimpse into the day-to-day side of the job, with the intention of widening awareness [...]

Pinterest Recruitment

A guide to recruiting (and retaining!) Gen Y & Z

It’s the age of social media, and with employers everywhere jumping on the technology bandwagon it important to recognise who they’re actually targeting instead of just following the trends. More often than not, employers are trying to recruit fresh talent from the more tech-savvy Y & Z generations. And with Gen Z predicted to make [...]

If Nosey Parker and High-Pants Harry had a son...

Online profiles just got more compromising

Half of Australian job seekers now have more of their history accessible to potential employers than ever, with the release of the Facebook Timeline feature late last year. The controversial Timeline feature was introduced to all Facebook accounts worldwide in the past month, including the 10.6 million Australian users. Employment Office Managing Director Tudor Marsden-Huggins [...]

$$$ocial Media

LinkedIn = CashedUp, according to Forbes

Financial reports from LinkedIn last week showed that the corporate social networking sector is growing, and quickly. Year to year figures showed 105% growth in LinkedIn’s quarterly earnings, to US$167.7 Million. Not shabby in the slightest. But from a Recruitment Marketing point of view, the leap was even more apparent, with these revenues increasing by [...]


Benefits of Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Social media has a lot of potential uses for your company. You can use it as a tool for delivering customer service, or as a method of sharing deals and news about your business. You can also use it for recruiting. Social media recruiting has quickly changed the way that companies find new employees, taking [...]