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How to Use Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter may be an overhyped pseudo-chatroom, but it does have some amazing uses. Twitter allows you to get real time news results instantly, follow those you look up to, get updates on the latest changes in technology, and it can help you with the recruitment process. Using Twitter for recruitment can be time consuming in [...]

This guy is such a character! Twitter only has room for 139 more.

At Twitter, the future is YouTube!

If you’re playing around with different ideas for using social networking for recruitment, you’re in good company. Even the leading social media networks are experimenting with each other’s products for their own recruitment needs. Twitter is the latest social media giant to take its recruitment drive to YouTube, with its tongue rammed firmly up against [...]


[Guide] Social Networking in Recruitment

Collaboration and relationship-building through internal or external web-based systems. At Employment Office, we believe social networking in the corporate sense can be broken into two key areas: Internal social networking (e.g. JAWshare); and External social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Whether internal or external, social networking is all about improving communication: connecting, sharing information and [...]

Facebook has become even more effective at mass communication than People With A Megaphone For A Head.

Facebook viral shares kill Word-of-Mouth

Good old fashioned word-of-mouth has kicked the bucket, with the ability ‘share’ on sites like Facebook creating new avenues for recruitment advertising to literally reach millions. As more and more people jump on this ‘sharing’ bandwagon, it’s essential for employers and businesses alike to recognise and embrace the potential of this viral marketing. Leaving out [...]

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Social Recruiting: The Good, the New and the Highly Dubious

The New Kid On The Block: ANZ, one of Australia’s largest businesses, has announced plans to integrate social networking via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into its global recruitment strategy, in 2012. ANZ claims that using social networking media fits in with the company’s move towards a more centralised recruitment model. However, we’ve all seen [...]

Effective branding AND it goes faster too.

3 ways to develop your employer brand

Recruitment Videos and YouTube Everyone in recruiting branding and employment branding strives to get across to candidates the culture and benefits of working within their organisation. Because videos require little effort to watch but still provide a powerful message, they are fantastic at transmitting the energy and the passion that your employees have for their [...]


Social Media in Recruitment

From online job boards, to print advertisements, to word of mouth referrals – there are many ways to attract and identify potential candidates. However, as more and more organisations are finding out – social media can play a pivotal part. Take Big 4 professional services firm Deloitte’s for example – the Australian School of Business [...]