Why I Like People with Unconventional Resumés

Professional success used to depend on experience, knowledge, and skill. But things have changed in recent decades. First, knowledge has become as rapidly obsolete as universally available. Second, we live in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world where, I often say, even the past has become unpredictable. And, finally, business has become more global and [...]


Unconventional Job Titles: Have They Gone Too Far?

A job title can be important and necessary to both company and employee, but it seems to that in recent years many companies have gone too far. Some titles are overblown, nonsensical, too clever for their own good, or just plain silly. At Subway, the people behind the counter are sandwich artists (it’s even a [...]


Getting ahead with LinkedIn head-hunting

With over 135 million users worldwide, and just over 2 million of those users based in Australia, it’s hard to deny that LinkedIn is making its mark in the social media landscape. In fact, more than one professional per second signs up to LinkedIn. But are companies using LinkedIn to its full advantage? How can [...]



Crowdsourcing: it’s a buzzword in business at the moment, and it’s specifically spreading within the recruitment industry. It’s a term for when you outsource a task, project or problem, but instead of taking it to a specialised contractor, you put it out to the general crowd. Members of the public from a vast range of [...]

Twitter Recruitment Video

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Producing Your Recruitment Video

Did you know that over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day? It is not surprising then that more and more organisations, both large and small are trying their hand at film production in order to reach out to a large pool of candidates, thirsty for video content. Although not [...]


A case for ditching team bonding days?

Every year companies spend time and money organising off-site team building days to boost morale and team spirit, but according to engagement experts, by the time team building days come around it may be far too late to rally the troops. HR managers need to rethink the team building days approach and focus on consistent, [...]


How Recruiters Should NOT Run LinkedIn Groups

I was invited to join a LinkedIn group the other day. Well actually I probably get invited to join a LinkedIn group every day but this one stood out. I am not going to name the group or the recruitment company that started it, I’ll simply mention what lessons we can all learn here. In [...]


A Job Site With a Difference – We Pay the Jobseeker When Their CV is Downloaded

Getting quality candidates into the right social media marketing jobs is the key role of any recruitment agency. In a way you have to look at the candidate as your product. Because your reputation, as a job board or a candidate supplier, rests on the quality of the applications sent out by those candidates and [...]


HR warned not to mistreat the unsuccessfuls; it may come back to bite you

When a candidate is unsuccessful, an all too common practice is for HR to discard them without a second thought. And with good reason. Narrowing the candidate pool is a unenviable task and sheer time constraints preclude many in HR from going the extra step in personalising the notification. Yet as many candidates share their [...]


9 Ways to Measure Your Brand’s Social Media Health

Thanks to the variety of social media marketing tools available today, there is a nearly endless stream of data available to marketers. That could make it tough to determine what metrics actually matter for your campaign or brand and why. Here are nine key performance indicators and explanations for why they might matter to your [...]