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The Health & Community employment gap

Health and community care roles set to soar – but can we fill the gap? It would appear the face of the usually under-funded and tightly resourced healthcare, community and social sector is changing. The Federal Government recently announced plans to increase the salaries of community and social workers by an average $12,000 per year, [...]

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[Guide] Top 10 Tips: Writing a Job Ad #10 – #6

We all know how challenging it can be to properly advertise a job. There are any number of obstacles that can turn what should a simple task into a minefield (selecting your media, negotiating start dates, interfering managers), and by the time you get the ad out there, it can often tell readers more about [...]

If Nosey Parker and High-Pants Harry had a son...

Online profiles just got more compromising

Half of Australian job seekers now have more of their history accessible to potential employers than ever, with the release of the Facebook Timeline feature late last year. The controversial Timeline feature was introduced to all Facebook accounts worldwide in the past month, including the 10.6 million Australian users. Employment Office Managing Director Tudor Marsden-Huggins [...]

$$$ocial Media

LinkedIn = CashedUp, according to Forbes

Financial reports from LinkedIn last week showed that the corporate social networking sector is growing, and quickly. Year to year figures showed 105% growth in LinkedIn’s quarterly earnings, to US$167.7 Million. Not shabby in the slightest. But from a Recruitment Marketing point of view, the leap was even more apparent, with these revenues increasing by [...]

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Ain’t love grand…just not in the workplace

It’s estimated that over a quarter of employees meet their long-term partner at work.  But even though sparks may be flying at the water-cooler, or lingering glances exchanged in the photocopy queue, a poll has revealed the vast majority of colleagues aren’t happy with an office love match taking place under their nose. With Valentine’s [...]


What are Assessment Centres?

Assessment Centres are an important part of the recruitment process for many employers, and allow companies to assess a large amount of candidates over an extended period of time, whilst offering candidates the chance to find out about an employer in greater detail. Rachel Palmer, who heads the Interviewing and Shortlisting Division of Employment Office [...]


Benefits of Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Social media has a lot of potential uses for your company. You can use it as a tool for delivering customer service, or as a method of sharing deals and news about your business. You can also use it for recruiting. Social media recruiting has quickly changed the way that companies find new employees, taking [...]


How to Use Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter may be an overhyped pseudo-chatroom, but it does have some amazing uses. Twitter allows you to get real time news results instantly, follow those you look up to, get updates on the latest changes in technology, and it can help you with the recruitment process. Using Twitter for recruitment can be time consuming in [...]

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At Twitter, the future is YouTube!

If you’re playing around with different ideas for using social networking for recruitment, you’re in good company. Even the leading social media networks are experimenting with each other’s products for their own recruitment needs. Twitter is the latest social media giant to take its recruitment drive to YouTube, with its tongue rammed firmly up against [...]


Are you employing criminals?

The age old piece of advice to run criminal background checks on employees is as prevalent as ever in light of the current Queensland Health debacle. After a particular employee managed to defraud the State Government of $16 million it seems almost comical that this person, who had a history of fraud related offences in [...]